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Discover Intègre, Meriance’s latest line of all natural skincare !

A luxurious skincare thought out differently : in harmony with nature and the environment.

Let your beauty shine with integrity with the Ondine Cream

What is Intègre ?

A unique concept delivered in a chic bulk size pouch along with its ecological and reusable bamboo container so you can refill in the comfort of your own home.


Eco chic bamboo container !

Did you know that more than 120 billion packaging are fabricated and thrown away each year ?

For Mériance, the principle of sustainability is consistent with the world of luxury. It is a guarantee of timeless and ethical quality.

You will make a conscious gesture for the environment by replacing some of your everyday plastic items with an eco-friendly bamboo container.

Add a touch of elegance to your space with the Intègre line all while remaining true to your ecological values. Bamboo is a solid, sustainable and even biodegrable renewable ressource.

Live the complete Intègre experience with the Ondine cream, an intensively hydrating treatment that will enhance your natural beauty.


Ondine | Moisturizing Cream

The perfect cream to hydrate and quickly restore skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Intègre is a unique, cost-effective and environment-friendly concept.

The Ondine Cream firms and tones and is suitable for mature skin in lack of hydration as it has water-quenching properties. An excellent skincare product to hydrate deeply and prevent skin aging. It reboosts skin radiance thanks to its formula rich in vitamins and minerals ideal for normal to oily skin.

Intègre is exclusively available in bulk size

Less transportion, less carbon emission : Intègre offers pouches 4x bigger in size allowing 4 home refills

Economical ! Save 25% with the bigger size pouch, the equivalent to 1 product free in 4 of the regular size

Renew your Intègre pouch only at your 4th refill and no longer worry about your cream inventory !

Your offer :

  • Ondine | Moisturizing Cream (200ml)
  • Reusable bamboo container (50ml)
  • Detailed guide and routine
  • Free delivery
  • Consult-service 7 days a week
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Regular price : 239$

Your special offer : 169$

*Taxes not included

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