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Intensive Moisturizing Cream + a gift!

A discovery for those looking for the quality, purity and effectiveness of a facial treatment.

We designed this offer to allow people to try one of our day creams and a nighttime one!


Intensive Moisturizing Cream

Spindle Tremelle & Pentapeptide-34 (30ml)

Its moisturizing action diffuses over the hours and keeps your skin perfectly hydrated.

This daytime moisturizer helps restore skin elasticity and significantly improve hydration.


As a gift - Repairing Night Cream

Native Collagen (10ml)

The Repairing Night Cream is nourishing and restorative.

It is rich in native soluble collagen and antioxidants.

While you sleep, it improves the skin’s natural regeneration mechanism to help restore the natural beauty of the face and neck.


The Mériance service!

Tailored to your needs

Provide each client with appropriate care.

The purity, quality and effectiveness of the ingredients used are no more and no less than our priority.

Our certified beauticians online or by telephone appointment advise you with a personalized approach. All according to your skin type or your specific needs.

A high concentration of active ingredients is a priority.

Learn more about the main anti-aging active ingredients contained in your Mériance skincare.

Bio-Active Marine Collagen

The skin is made up of 70 % collagen, which alone represents 90 % of the connective tissue (dermis). Collagen can hold up to eight times its water weight. This is the reason why this protein substance is by far the main hydrating element of the skin.

Peptides (Matrixyl 3000tm)

The peptides ( small proteins) are small chains of amino acids which are the basic structural units of collagen.

The link between one amino acid residue and the next is known as an amino bond or peptide.

Hyaluronic Acid

High-end active ingredient, very effective in low doses, hyaluronic acid is known for its intense moisturizing power and its ability to restore the skin to a natural plump appearance. 

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the epidermis.

Tremella Fuciformis

The Tremella Fuciformis is a Japanese white mushroom whose medicinal and cosmetic usages are very numerous.  

It is a very high-end ingredient because it is rich in antioxidants and reduces premature aging of the skin.

Your offer  :

  • Intensive Moisturizing Cream (50ml)
  • Night Repair Cream – GRATUIT (10ml)
  • Free shipping
  • Welcome gift
  • Support 7 days a week
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Prix : 85$

* taxes excluses.

Our products are available online and in beauty institutes.

We would love to inspire a change in your facial skin care routine.

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