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Bio-Elixir Lift-Medusa

$ 239.00

This high-quality Elixir is patented from medusa and plankton collagen extract enriched with royal jelly making it a true treasure of the sea. With its opaque gel texture, the Bio-Elixir Lift    Medusa stimulates collagen production by 50 % and gives a remarkable lifting effect.

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It stimulates by 50 % the production of collagen (type 1) in our skin. It is scientifically proven that the structure of collagen in the human dermis is very much the same as that of a medusa.

 This luxurious Bio-Elixir treatment has an exceptionally nourishing, restructuring and firming capacity . The similarity of collagen in this elixir provides an innovative response to skin aging and loss of firmness.

Overall customer satisfaction
Skin type Normal, Dry
Skin condition Mature, Normal
Age 50, 60
Fragrance Yes

Apply a few drops of the Bio-Elixir Lift Meduse to the entire face and the eye / lip contour morning and evening with gentle upward strokes until the product is completely absorbed. Keep the product cool and out of direct sunlight for maximum efficiency. Apply your cream.

• Stimulates collagen production

• Smoothes lines and wrinkles

• Lifting effect

• Restructures the epidermis

• Nourishes the skin with vitamins, minerals and amino acids

Medusa soluble collagen, plancton extract, aqua, royal jelly extract, sucrose, octyldodecyl mirystate, benzyl alcohol, glycerin, ethyl lauroyl, arginate HCL, cinnamic acid, Organic veg- etable oil & organic fragrances ( essence aromatique biologique de muguet)