The laboratory

It is in a laboratory located in Cowansville, Canada and certified natural health product by Health Canada, that are manufactured the 2 ranges of facial skincare of Mériance (Anti-Ageing & Age Prevention).

These products are manufactured and filled in sterile conditions far exceeding the quality standards for cosmetic products. We are pleased to invite you to a virtual visit

Anti-Aging line
(40 +)

Lack of collagen, which progresses with age, is the cause of the formation and the increase of skin wrinkles. An application of highly concentrated native marine collagen in all Anti-Aging Meriance’s range allows to fulfill this deficit in the skin and to slow down time!

A regular use of Meriance’s Anti-Aging range slows down ageing process. Mériance’s collagen, extracted from fish skin keeps its structure said in triple helix which assures its him bio-activity (by its capacity to unite with human proteins fibers).

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Age Prevention
(50 -)

Through oxygen, the body produces energy. There are then released throughout this process elements known as free radicals. The problem is that when they are in surplus, these molecules actively participate in the aging of the cells of the body, and of the skin in particular.

Antioxidants are molecules that reduce or even prevent the oxidation process. They play the role of protective sheath that binds to the unstable electron to prevent it from attacking the collagen fibers and the various cells of the skin structure. Antioxidants neutralize the natural process of oxidation!

Antioxidants in the Prevention Age range (wild blueberry, Fucus algae, etc.) are therefore the perfect antidote to combat the dreaded effects of free radicals and thus keep us young!

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