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Formulated with high-quality Corundum Crystals, the Micro Scrub buffs away dead cells at the skin’s surface to reveal smooth, healthier skin. An exfoliator that combines natural protein and micro crystals to gently "peel" away exhausted skin cells to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Take exfoliation to the next level with a unique and proprietary of renewing crystals. This gentle, cooling scrub effectively removes dead surface skin cells, leaving skin visibly smooth. This scrub is perfect for visibly brightening areas affected by age spots.

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Enzymatic Exfoliating Gel is a powerful fruit enzyme based scrub providing deep exfoliation. Contains gentle, soft scrub particles that increase the effects of exfoliation without irritation for all skin types leaving skin remarkably  refreshed, luminous, and clean. 

This enzymatic scrub is an exfoliating facial treatment acting as a genuine skin enlightener. With its delicate formulation it leaves skin smooth, without irregularities and prepares it for your routine’s next step. 

Our new and improved Enzymatic Exfoliating Gel has been reformulated, using a combination of 6 AHA (Papaya, Pineapple, Citrus, Bilberry, Sugar Cane & Maple Syrup extracts) along with jojoba peeling beads.

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Our Night Repair Cream is both nourishing and restorative. Rich in soluble native collagen and antioxidants, it enhances the natural regeneration mechanisms of your skin while you sleep in order to help restore the natural beauty of your face and neck.


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Découvrez le sérum Collagène Natif de Mériance, une formule unique enrichie de collagène soluble d’origine marine qui s’infiltre efficacement dans l'épiderme pour atténuer les rides et les ridules.

Votre peau sera hydratée et pourra retrouver sa souplesse et sa beauté. Densément chargé de collagène d’une pureté inégalée (99,7 %), ce soin intense et avancé pour peau mature vous offre une véritable source de jeunesse quotidienne.

Collagen Sprayer

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Collagen spray provides a smooth, plump and soft feel

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Redness on the nose and cheeks, warming sensation, small vessels apparent. Skin redness is the prerogative of sensitive skin, so many symptoms that characterize rosacea. How to soothe skin? The Mériance anti-redness cream brings pleasure and comfort to sensitive and irritated skin thanks to a global anti-stress protection. Triglyphix® Sense Barley Seed Extract is an excellent soothing and anti-irritation active ingredient particularly suitable for sensitive and / or damaged skin.