Collagen ?

Natural collagen serves to maintain the structure of skin cells. It has demonstrated antioxidant properties, meaning it helps fight oxidation and free radical production. Collagen contributes to a slowing of the aging process.

Aging is an inevitable process related to oxidative stress which, at one time or another, affects every living cell. Oxidative stress arises from the body’s natural release of oxygen. That inevitably leads to oxidation and the production of free radicals, which alter the structure of cells. This process is known as "cellular aging".

When skin ages, it’s because the collagen it contains gradually disappears, leading to the appearance of wrinkles.

By the age of 60, in best case sceanrios, our bodies have lost more than 35% of their collagen!

The degradation of the ability for cells to produce collagen is significantly exacerbated by a variety of factors, including oxidative stress, poor diet, chronic inflammation, etc..

There is no doubt: a loss of collagen increases visible signs of the aging process.

Therefore, it’s necessary to strengthen and revitalize skin with high-quality collagen.




Soluble collagen

Collagen is a protein consisting of amino acids containing carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Collagen contains specific amino acids.

Collagen is a molecule that structures our bodies. It’s also known as a fibrous glycoprotein, whose role can be compared to that of a frame. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and the fibrous protein is by far most abundant in humans. Collagen is a particularly essential part of the healing process and, as we age, the body produces less.

Soluble collagen used by Mériance contains an abundance of water and tiny microfibres. It is specifically used for facial treatments, given its beneficial effects on the skin and its capacity to replace insoluble collagen, which is less efficient for maintaining youthful skin.

Mériance collagen easily penetrates the pores of dehydrated skin and provides a significant dose of soluble collagen.


Type 1 collagen

Collagen is a protein composed of three associated polypeptide chains. These three chains can be combined in different ways, so we should refer to them as “collagens”, rather than “collagen”. Each type of collagen has its own structure and is found in specific organs. Type 1 collagen is the most abundant in the human body and plays an important role in the formation of skin, tendons, bones, the cornea and other internal organs.

The role of Type 1 collagen

In the application of facial treatments, soluble Type 1 collagen is not a primary active ingredient , but rather acts as a stimulant for the release of growth factors that lead to a proliferation of epidermal cells.

Mériance Type 1 collagen reduces wrinkles, enhances tonicity, helps heal and provides a radiant complexion.


Marine collagen

The skin is composed of 70% collagen, which alone accounts for 90% of connective tissue (dermis). Collagen can retain up to eight times its own weight in water, which is why the protein substance is a primary moisturizing component of skin.

Our marine collagen restores skin properties with a healthy supply of collagen fibrils.

Firm and resistant skin highlights facial features and exhibits fewer wrinkles. Natural marine collagen regenerates connective tissues that support skin structure. The ingredient also helps to deeply hydrate dry, mature skin, keeping cells healthy and strong.

Mériance natural marine collagen strengthens and revitalizes your skin.